Before and After

A before and after example

Designed to take the Challange

EWI is becoming the exterior of choice for high traffic area's, because some EIF systems offer improved resistance to abuse.
Parex technology presents a variety of wall systems with superior impact strenght.

Attractive and Durable

Gives you infinite options to create beautiful and durable exteriors you can trust.

An Example of Our Work

Addressing Your Needs

The changing role of the wall demands the unique versatility that ewi offers, to design cost-effective walls with shapes, textures and colours to match your imagination with reliable, aesthetic finishes.

The Different Layers that go into the Building Process

External Wall Insulation Build Up

  • Substrate- Block, Concrete, Timber, Fibre Board.
  • Insulation- E.P.S., XPS Phenolic Rockwool etc.
  • Fibre Glass Mesh Alkali Resistant
  • Acrylic Cement Base Coat
  • Acrylic Primer
  • Coloured Acrylic Render
  • Choice of Finishes and colours
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