Fix Insulation

Stage 1

Embed Mesh in Basecoat

Stage 2

Finish with Coloured Acrylic
Render Decorative Bands and Quoins

Stage 3


Prepare Existing Surface Smooth and Clean

Stage 1

Finish with Coloured Acrylic Render Decorative Bands and Quoins

Stage 2

Our Products

Acrylic coloured renders provide a hard wearing, water resistant, breathing surface. Because acrylic render expands and contracts with your substrate hairline cracks in plaster work do not show through. The finish coat will not fade, crack, chip or peel. Acrylic surfaces can be washed when necessary giving an essentially maintenance free surface.


Its 100% acrylic-based textured finish. DPR (Dirt-Pick-up-Resistance): The surface of the finish hardens and does not soften again under heat. The non-tacky surface provides high resistance to accumulation of dirt, mold and pollutants.

  • Integrally coloured with high quality pigments
  • Exceed EUMA recommendations


Exterior or interior finish coat over:

  • Parex exterior Insulation and finish systems.
  • Properly prepared masonary, render and concrete surfaces.
  • Interior application over drywell, plaster, or properly prepared masonary or concrete.
An Example of Our Work

Finishes Use 100% Acrylic Polymers

The result is a tough, tight water-repellent, yet water vapour-permeable film that remains pliable and resilient. This durable building skin resists the elements yet allows the wall to "breathe". Over render or other cement-based products, primers and finishes can reduce the effects of efflorescence. Over any substrate 100% acrylic polymer-based finishes stay fresh longer and resist fading, chalking and yellowing.

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